Sunday, March 18, 2007

Watching TAR with Wannietta - part V

Okay Mirna ... whatever you say Mirna. I mean, you came in right before Rob & Amber but you weren't solely responsible for kicking them to the curb. There were a lot of other teams that beat them much more soundly.
Sorry Joe & Bill, but I don't think that I've ever seen a team "limp to the front of the line & win".
OMG - now I have that picture in my head!
Guido's in thongs.
Nice beacon/tool skills.
That's what I would really need Kerwyn for - the careful reading of the clues. I'm more of a speed reader/peruser.
And using the sensitive digital equipment.
Come back in an hour & a half?!? What part of "get there fast" did you not get?

Sure Ian; I'm sure that you're glad they showed up ... maybe they can help you.
The gloves are off now!
Rats in a collar - considering that they are the size of a small cat, okay, I can see how Joyce might call them "cute".

I think that they are not confident about the deactivated part of the deactivated mines. Unless that padding is a fashion statement.
Am I mistaken or did Charla rush her rat along when (s)he had started scratching/digging?

Pamper or Porter
Pamper me please!
Oh - We have to do someone else's nails.
Charcoal is dirty.
Definitely the Pamper.
Mirna has a way of just strong-arming people into leading them.
Is there a "manly" nail polish colour?
I still don't like them but Mirna & Charla are infectiously enthusiastic when they are happy.
Dustin (or was it Kandice) the Philanthropist. Painting nails for free to change the world.
Maybe you got so far behind by being slow at bagging coal. Just sayin'.
Eric & Danielle asked kids. You know that they did. By your own admission Uchenna you don't know where to go. Logic dictates - ask a kid!!!

Yeah, suck it up a little Ian. Terri made the right call doing the nails.
Run Phil, run!!!
"She got beat by a bunch of Queens."
Let's start with this - they beat your ass too Eric. And I'm sure that Joe & Bill have been called worse by better.
I like the non-elimination structure that they have this year - come in first or you get a 30 minute penalty - better than the no money thing.

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