Monday, March 12, 2007

Stuck Up

So I got a bumper sticker & another sticker that was used to close the bag that held the February yarn from the Rockin' Sock Club. I wasn't sure what to do with them. Kerwyn is anti-bumper sticker so the van was out. M'man Étienne stepped up! I guess he's been working with me long enough that he wanted to demonstrate his love for knitting in his own way. I think that they suit him. Of course, this means that I'm making a serious commitment to him too - I don't think that the stickers are designed for easy removal.

I've finished the first current Opal sock.
Fits like a glove sock.

Mischief is becoming quite the knitting cat. Don't get me wrong - she loves yarn & playing with it, she's not a disgrace to her kind. But she has tapped into her inner kitten and found the Zen of knitting. It is so utterly relaxing that she isn't just cat-napping, she's completely passed out.

Amanda & I are going to be working (and I use that term loosely when I speak about knitting-related work) at The Needle Emporium on Wednesday. If you're going to be around, pop your head in and say "hey!".

What color of sock yarn do you prefer?

You like blue sock yarn. You are a fellow. You don't like bars, you prefer pubs.
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