Friday, March 30, 2007

I get my kicks ...

... out of purple velvet Chuck Taylors. Enhanced by green Opal socks.

... out of Mischief trying to catch the swift. Even getting her paw/nose a mite too close doesn't deter her.

... out of crocuses heralding the coming of spring.

... out of people travel live hoard pack their crap into their car and leave it there. (Amanda wondered if they ever open their back doors and if they do, does the crap fall out? And where do they put the wheelchair. I explained that they might not actually use a wheelchair - that the wheelchair signs in the back window merely indicate a disability. Do those signs look fake to you too??)

... out of Authors saying my name in a complimentary way. Amy Singer talking about Morrigan from No Sheep for You at the DKC meeting.

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