Saturday, March 17, 2007

Catching up

OMG - I can't believe that it's Saturday already! Where has the week gone? On Monday I had a whole week to do stuff - relax, knit, some activities with the kids - and now it's all gone!! sigh

Well, Amanda is knitting another scar
f. Is it still "another" if she hasn't actually finished one yet? Child has a serious case of start-itis. She was knitting on the couch and Mischief just couldn't stay away from the action. "It's okay Mom. I'd rather she bite my toes than the yarn." She has heart of a knitter!!

Amanda also planted some cat grass for Mischief. It's growing nicely & Mischief is tentatively exploring her little patch. I'm sure that in a few days she'll be scarfing it down like crazy.

is the Silk Shrug - un fait accompli!! I have it hanging to block the ruffle down - I used the last bit of the 8th ball and got about 5.5" of the 6" that the pattern recommended. I would definitely get an extra skein if you're knitting this - especially if you want to do the 2nd size (I was knitting the smaller size). And it's not just me and my yarn-vacuuming style; my gauge was spot-on, even my row gauge. It's gorgeous though - the yarn blocks out so perfectly!! Hopefully Julie will be able to get a picture of someone wearing it - I totally gapped it. Amanda & I had a fun but exhausting day at the store.

Here is a picture of Elise's sweater blocking. It's the wrong side so it doesn't look like much but I wanted to try to show you something.
Here's a question for y'all - would you rather see a cryptic, blurry, pixelated and/or generally uninformative picture of my work knitting or nothing? Do the mystery pictures annoy you more than they intrigue and tantalize you?

I will leave you with the words of the smallest mistress of the house.

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