Sunday, March 18, 2007

Test the Nation:IQ

I love a test - it's about the challenge. Not just to compete against others but ti provides a measurable benchmark for myself. I need that.

Now, not to brag okay, absolutely to brag, I scored a 130!! Trust me, no one is more surprised than me ... or is it I? Quite a bit above the average of the winning team - surgeons, which is a relief, because I'd h
ate to see the people who take lives in their hands not be the smartest (on paper anyway) - who scored 119.

I think that knitters should be included as a group the next time that they do this. And not that I would lie to you - I've got kids, I don't need to lie to my friends - or that you wouldn't believe just about any number that I put out there, I printed & took a picture of my results. No, I'm not going to have it framed, but I'm not gonna throw it out either.

How did you do against the rest of the nation?

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