Thursday, March 8, 2007

All Good Things

Kerwyn doesn't have to go to Reno!! When push came to shove they (and me) need him here more than there. And not that I'm doing anything or going anywhere with the kids but it's nice to know that Kerwyn is in the same country & province & area and that he'll be home every night.

This is Roto-Static John.
He cleaned our carpets just before we moved in and they were in desperate need of his ministrations again. He's wonderful & the carpets are much cleaner! Children have been newly threatened about spillage. It's not even the spills that bothher me so much, it's the "rub it in with my sock and that will make it disappear" or "cover it with something and Mom won't notice (the Something or the stain" that really kills me. Ah well, what's done is done and now it can start again.

This is 69" of stockinette
, that will be a Silk Shrug. After blocking, seaming & knitting a 300 stitch, 6" ruffle. I have a ball and about a half - I think that it will suffice. The ruffle is knit on 5.5mm needles (as opposed to the 3.5mm needles that the main part was knit on) so the 6" should just fly by!!! Shut up - I like my little isle of denial.

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