Friday, March 23, 2007


This is Bert of Bert's Appliance Repair (Barrie, ON 705-733-0799). He came to see what was ailing my washer. It had been leaking a bit when I used hot water, then a couple of weeks ago it started with the cold water too and it's been getting worse. A lot worse. It's been hard but I've not done laundry for 3 days for fear that it would do irreparable damage. Yes, I know. I've been concerned that the fucktillion micro beads might be to blame. Now I have fantasized some frequently about brand new machines; machines that are huge and front loading and will take all that I can give them, but the fantasy is always utterly destroyed when the invoice is presented. Yeah - that's a buzz-kill!
A hose was cut. Woo-hoo!!! It's not my fault!!! It had been rubbing against a bracket that was supporting the motor and every time that the machine was used the hose was being damaged. Considering that the machine is, at the very least, 15 years old I think that this Kenmore (at least the older models) deserves a few more gentle cycles! Bert was cautiously optimistic about fixing it - you can't get parts anymore. There's a lot to be said for an experienced, older man!! Bert's got skills - he cut it, he connected it and clamped it.
I'm laundering as we speak. Yes, that is said with joy for the clean clothes that it will bring but with the appropriate amount of dejection about the volume of said laundry that has accumulated.

I've finished the front & back of Bemidji for Artisan Knitworks.
Sorry - I laid it down upside down to block. It's not a secret, I'll do better next time!

In other fixing news, Mischief has been doing a lot of this and a bit of this (I gave her some tuna in her kibble - I really feel for her!). She was spayed & declawed on Tuesday. I explained to Amanda about how it is always harder on a female (Cheeky Monkey never gave a hint that he'd lost the family jewels) and that she really is fine - no signs of infection or anything. She's resting - which is what she really needs - and eating, not like before, but she's not starving.
Here's a picture of my shaved pussy.
Look away if you want to (there isn't anything after the picture) - I'll l
eave a bit of space.

(I know, I shouldn't tease the perverts but I just can't help it. I'm sure this is not what they were Googling for!!!)

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