Tuesday, March 6, 2007

In Like a Lion

And so loud was March's roar that, for only the 2nd time in recent memory, afternoon buses were canceled. Which would have been great except that I was in Alliston for the day (defensive driving course. I know. I think that considering we made it to the class without incident we should have just been passed and been allowed to go on with our day - but what do I know? Don't answer that!). Fortunately I didn't waste my time - I almost finished the 2nd sleeve on the Silk Shrug. It doesn't look like much, but trust me - it's a lot of knitting. It starts at the 1st sleeve and, following the line, goes through the back and into the 2nd sleeve. I'm just about at the cuff.

I had arranged with Kyle to go to a friends' house - they live a few blocks from his high school - and about 4:30 I ventured out to fetch him & Brandon. It was actually very calm in Angus & Cty Rd 90 wasn't closed - how bad could it be? Well, the Lord protects children and fools
and we were all in the van. This is what it was like about 10 minutes out of Angus & it was like this all the way to Barrie, all the way home & for about the next 2 hours. Kyle & Brandon shoveled and snowblowed in an expression of gratitude for me coming & fetching them. Safely. They were both kinda of impressed (is any teenager really impressed by anything that their mother does?) by my blizzard/white-out driving skills. But honestly, I would have let them in the safety of Crystal's care if I had known that it was that bad out.

On Sunday I also did some stitching on my Châtelaine Mystery X.
I'm working on February's chart, so I'm a little behind, but it's not a race. I don't have to be a speedy cross stitcher; I much prefer a leisurely pace and basking in the artistry of it. Yeah.

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