Sunday, April 1, 2007

Watching TAR with Wannietta - part VII

No wonder this show is scheduled for 2 hours - we're getting more of the conversation that they usually edit.
The problem with that many connections is that each one has the potential to be delayed.
Geez, Eric & Danielle are almost 12 hours behind Mirna & Charla. Although that lead is diminishing as they sit at the agency.
Diminishing to
7 hours invested to save 1 hour & 25 minutes. Could be worth it. They should have had their knitting.
How many pairs of socks could you knit on the waiting time on this show? 8?
Eric & Danielle suck at hide and seek.

I don't know if rushing a plane is wise in today's political climate Danielle.

It's not a cab in NY - you can't just flag down a plane dude.
I've lost all track of who is where & when.
Perfect Angle.
Tuning a piano key and a specific x-ray view both sound challenging but I think we'd stand a better shot at the x-ray.
I'm actually impressed with Dustin & Kandice!!
Yeah, maybe they've never seen a little person. Or maybe word has spread around the world that you're a bit psycho. Just saying.

Danny is a riot. "I get a bit carried away around tools."
"Why don't we just turn them all?" OMG Mirna - you'd go from 1 out of tune key to 88!!!
These 2 give new meaning to tone deaf.
Pull the wax out and listen to the sound of the notes.
What's up with this? Mirna & Joyce have both said angel.

All right Danny & Oswald!
Poor Mirna - a world where not everyone likes you and doesn't want to talk to you. At least they're just ignoring you and not insulting or injuring you.
It's a freakin' mannequin - his private parts are not in danger from radiation.
Yayyy Uchenna & Joyce!
Quite the pity party
you're throwing for yourself Mirna.

Wait a sec - there was no roadblock on the 7th leg of this race!
A lot of the teams should be able to catch up with the 1:00PM leave time for tour bus.
19 hours is a bit of a hill to climb but there's always the group leave times, Fast Forwards, Yields and dumb luck. It's not inconceivable or improbable.

I'm with Danielle on this one - give me my coffee!!

When 2 people both want the last word the argument never ends. "Shut up." "Grow up." "Shut up."
I'm getting choked up hearing & thinking about the concentration camps and the atrocities that were perpetrated. I can just imagine the waves of emotion that the teams must be feeling actually being there.
Not only do they have to wait for another team, but that team will probably be Mirna & Charla.

Maybe 10 pairs of socks.
My legs feeling like rubber just watching them climb all of those stairs.
Selflessness - another reason to like Danny & Oswald.
Eat it up
or Roll it out.
Roll it out. 2 feet of sausage is a lot.
Hmmm - you might have liked to mention a dislike for sausage before you committed to eating 24" of it!
Poor Guidos! They just aren't catching any breaks.

C'mon Dani - you can do this!
Can you puke to make room for more?
Yup - I saw that coming!
The Guido's are still going to need some good luck to get a 30 minute lead.
You'd think that Joe & Bill would be hustling a little.
" ... last position as usual." WTF? You've won the last 2 weeks. How the mighty have fallen! A doctor could probably prescribe a little something for those mood swings.
Mirna's steamrolling charm, crazy accent, handsignals & tears aren't working in Poland.

I think that Charla is concentrating on not hurling again.
I wonder if they'd have armour in Kerwyn's size?
Shortcut - remember what happened when you tried to go through the South Entrance?
I'm sorry. I missed the logic that lead to the conclusion that Charla would be the best choice to wear armour
and lead a horse.
Sorry to disagree Mirna, but I don't think that Charla is in control of the horse.
Joe & Bill ran a good Race they just didn't have any good luck recently.

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