Monday, November 20, 2006

What's in a Name?

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Juliet - Romeo & Juliet

Okay, but a name brings to mind associations - good, bad & indifferent - and can make us desire one thing over another. If you had to choose between "light pink" and "cotton candy pink" which would you choose? Exactly. Same colour but the name matters.
So, while I really think that Stock
is a fine company I have found a way to like it better. Perhaps they will adopt this change and the chronic driver shortage will be rectified!!!
Yes, as a matter of fact this is the 2nd Lacy Scallop sock. I am highly motivated to get it done with finish it - I really want to get into the Sock Hop yarn. Not that I mind multiple projects, but I limit myself to 1 pair of socks at a time. It's a challenge but I've managed to stick to it.

I sent of the 2nd Chicknit project last week & I started on Debra's sweater. Debra I suck. But now that I'm underway we should see some very real progress!!
I was going to just finish it for Debra - sew in ends, finish the top of one sleeve & assemble it. Then I noticed (after doing in all the ends, of course) that her gauge was significantly looser than called for. So I was going to just take it all out & re-knit it. Just. Except for that the ripping out proved to be some sort of mental road block that I have recently managed to hurdle.

It was so cold today - I think that it might be here to stay.
Here's a taste of summer; hopefully it will get us through a few cold times!!

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