Monday, November 6, 2006

Watching AR with Wannietta - part VIII

I PVR'd this last night and am watching it for the first time tonight. I love technology!!!

MMMMM ... sugar plantation.
A black angel painted white - that's a tricky bit.
Geez Rob, do you really want the car that's been in an accident?

Horrible girls - ditching your dented car.
No worries Mary; most of us only know about the cartoon Madagascar.
I love it when everyone catches up!
LOL - you are funny Karlyn!

Eat more protein then Rob.
Okay - this intersection thing sucks - and when I say "sucks" I don't mean a good thing like a lollipop.

Definitely paper making - I'm crafty like that.
"You are Asian, you could make paper!" WTF??? I don't think that they realize that that may come off sounding very un-PC.
No Fucking Way - I'd turn around and do any other task. Well Rob, you wanted more protein for that brain of yours.
Hard to keep your eyes on the prize when they're watering so bad that you can't see.
There is no part of my mind strong enough to overcome cow lip matter.

Let's just hope that those mattresses have to be delivered clean!

It's not mental - it's oral and it's disgusting!!
Shut yer mouth already with the "clear picture in your head"!! It's not taking away the clear plate of cow lips in front of you!!
They're just lucky that they don't have to start over again every time they hurl.

How can you be full when you keep emptying?
Yeah, you just keep telling yourselves how far ahead that you are. Time stands still if you just say so.

Stallions don't eat bovine lips!

I don't think that I could kiss someone who just finished eating that - even if I had too.
Rob and the lost cabbies again
I think that all of the cabbies drive on a 1/16th of a tank!!
Didn't like them ... Still don't like them!! They are catty and mean-spirited.
Well Mary, you weren't mean or anything, but it's not like saying "Down there" was a great big help.
C'mon Lyn - you can do this. Do it for your Black Angel (Karlyn)!!!
Poor Phil, he really looks like enforcing this time penalty is paining him.

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