Thursday, November 9, 2006

Table's Turned

Here is Kyle modelling the Naturally Easy Raglan. It's big on him and the shoulders are sitting quite right, but hopefully you get the idea. The collar is much better. I took some close-ups but they looked eerily like mug shots so I promptly deleted them!!
I set up my office in the Stock van and made my final additions/edits to the pattern. I swear, I can spread out and work almost anywhere as long as I have my knitting & some beats. I packaged it all up today and will get it in the mail tomorrow morning.

Enabling is what I do best - well after knitti
ng that is. It doesn't take much for me to break out needles and yarn to demonstrate some little technique or get tongue-tied with enthusiasm about a fantastic yarn or pattern.
I love seeing what the rest of the blog-sphere is working on and I'm easily enticed. Fortunately a lot of time when I click on a link, especially for the smaller dyer/spinners, it's unavailable. Otherwise my stash would be totally out of control and Intervention might have their first non-traditional episode. S
o when I received this Sock Hop (Wild Thing) (out of stock - sorry!!) in the mail and it came with Jen's awesome little sock bag (they're sold out too - extra sorry!!) the table was turned and I became a humble enablee.

I'm of two
minds about naming my Yarn Fairy, but I know that she didn't do this for the recognition or accolades (though they are very well deserved). I'll call her Bill - you can too, but it probably won't mean the same thing. We've talked and have a similar philosophy on randoms acts of kindness or paying it forward - so when I say and and , you know who you are and karma will make sure that the balance is maintained. She said that "Wild Thing" just seemed appropriate for me - who am I to argue?

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