Wednesday, November 8, 2006

she knits, she speaks about it

I continue to be surprised that people invite me to their guilds and willingly listen to my stories and laugh at my jokes. Unlike my children who sorta, kinda, hafta listen to me and at least smile if they know what's good for them. The best part is meeting so many really skilled knitters - novice & experienced - and seeing an amazing array of yarns & patterns being knitted up.
So I had the privelege of speaking with the York Region Knitting Guild - they meet at Needles & Knits. I've never been there before so it was a lovely chance to poke around and not buy anything. And if you believe that I have a lovely bridge that I'm trying to off-load. Here's the whole group (minus Nancy who came to the meeting but had to leave for a prior engagement). My dear friend Ada couldn't make it but we talked before I went in and I kn
ow that she was with me in spirit!!
I had a great time and I really hope that they will have me back to actually teach a class. Not that I couldn't find enough to say about myself & my knitting to fill another hour or so but really.
Show & tell was awesome!!

Monika's latest scarf

Elizabeth's sweater

Jennifer and Monika enjoying the show

Inge's socks & Hat ( several people were working on this hat - it's a fingering weight reversible/double-thick hat)

Joan's sweater

Sandra's Bowling Hat

Sandra's Drama Hat

Tove's fairisle

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