Wednesday, November 29, 2006

How Balmy is it?

It was so balmy in Ontario today that it felt downright tropical. Like Hawaii I'd say. I finished them on Monday night so Amanda helped me wind my Wild Thing into balls so that I could start them right away Tuesday morning. Well, I'm working both fronts of Debra's jacket at the same time so it's a bit tangly for travel work and I'm swatching for Elise's vest, which is a bit fiddly, so I need something nice and simple like a sock. I'm really into it. The yarn is so much fun - the colours are perfectly brilliant and rich and the thick/thin texture adds interest without being a distraction. I am purling sections of yarn where the colour is a nearly solid burgundy or cream. Thanks again Bill - this is wonderful! I totally have the Wild Things songs by The Troggs & Tone Loc in my head.
Can someone tell me how to put an actual song on my blog? All my Googling is getting me nowhere fast. TIA

Kyle has been harassing me & I finally caved and got a Photoshop 7 for me him. So maybe if I find the time I'll have some interesting pictures!! Nix that - I'll have to make the time. You can't just go to the cupboard or store and find time - you have to just do it. PS for Dummies - here I come!!!

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