Sunday, November 26, 2006

Pass the Bucket

For Chicknits - a Bucket Trio.

And they keep a low profile but my contact assures me that they are real.
Their rep even has the homeboys talkin'. And these guys don't look like the types to play "good cop, bad cop" with you; they all look like the bad one.

It really is Roast Insurance. Ada picked up a PC Digital Cooking Thermometer for me (they sell out fast) and it's awesome!!! My roasts tend to be a bit dry because I don't like them even a bit pink so I cook them long enough to guarantee it. Hey, that's what the gravy's for - moisture reinforcement. This rib roast was absolutely perfectly well done and wonderfully moist. Imagine angelic harp music. Worth every penny of the $14.99 (plus tax).

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