Sunday, November 12, 2006

Watching AR with Wannietta - part IX

MMMMM - coffee. Liquid brown elixir of Life.
Yeah, ok. If by sweat you mean glistening, and by cry you mean misty-eyed, crocodile tears, and by fight you mean a clawing cat-fight - sure you sweat, cry and fight.
Don't think that the Barbies won't strike first - you just might not see it coming until the knife is in your back.
You never know with air flight - just because they don't take off with you doesn't mean that they won't beat you there.
Surprise everybody? Maybe shock
and anger would be more apt descriptions 'Bama mamas!!
How could anybody do this much travelling without knitting?
OMG - what sweet little 'Bama babies!!!
It's a race Rob;
I'm sure that you don't need to remind Kim that she needs to hurry.
I've never been on a train before. I've been thinking that I might go somewhere with Amanda this summer on the train.
I'm not for cutting lines like that but damn!! You GO 'Bama!!!

No worries Cho bros - you'll get yours.
I'm from Canada dude - gimme the skis!!

Wrong school - awwwww, shame.
That's just nasty!! Amanda would love it though!!!
Why not - it's not like it's your car. Whaddaya care if you're muddy?
That was an awesome part of the race!!

If by "moment" you mean "hissy fit" then we're both speaking English.
"Crafty little girls" "Stinkin' boys" I think that they like each other!

Well Cho bros, I guess you know where it stands now that push is coming to shove. Don't change your style but don't count on any more significant help.
Yup, the uphill is the killer
- especially after working your legs through all of that mud.
Rob's lost again ... not frickin' surprised.

Of course you'll do it Rob.
Of course you'd like the 'Bama girls to leave - they worry you.
C'mon Karlyn - just keep putting one foot in front of the other.
Awwww. Poor Rob - on even footing with 2 other teams again.
I don't think that u2 Barbies should be giving out driving advice.
Can't you just repel down? In the traditional backwards position?
Rob the Maniac Driver - who'da thunk it? I'm sensing some road rage.

Awww man - a cliffhanger episode!!

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