Sunday, November 19, 2006

Watching AR with Wannietta - part X

My bad blogging!! This week will be better - promise honest. Now, on with the show.

If there is a god of television and if he is just and good, the Beauty Queens will be eliminated next.
Russian made cars; doesn't sound encouraging.
"Angel dive"
That sounds a lot nice than a forward-facing repel. Who would you sue for false advertising?
Poor Godwin ... Erwin did more of a slump th
an a repel. Way to go guys - that was a seriously tough challenge.
BWA-Ha-ha!!! All tied up at the airport. AR always does that. Not totally fair but makes for good TV.
That's some voo-doo
those blondes got going on!! "Planes get delayed."
I was really liking 'Bama but I don't like the Mr. Hyde developments I've been seeing. Ditching the Cho bros then using them when it suits them. Shame!!

Taking command - totally my kinda challenge.
Driving a tank would really rock!!
James wishes that he was driving like a girl, considering that a girl is beating him.
I really wish that people would stop saying "KEEv". I mean, haven't they ever even heard of Chicken KEE-ev?
I'm sure that having you in the tank with Kim would be a good idea. Right?
Is someone trying to bomb them while they're in those tanks?
And again the Cho's are waiting.
Sure, 'Bama says that they weren't expecting them to wait but I'm sure that there would have been words said if they hadn't.

Yeah, it's annoying having someone else know where to go & how to get there and let you follow them.
I do feel a bit bad for Rob & Kim - they seem to have more than their share of bad luck with cars.

Me and my tin ear would be better off finding music.
Russia's leading rapper - Vanilla Iceski.
Yeah, rappers are always shown with their hands in their pants.
It's getting almost comical with the stopping & asking for directions.
The Cho bros are certainly breaking that stereotype.
I'm sure that it's fine with you not working with them anymore Lynn ... until you need their help.

Tyler & James need a rubber finger to help them flip through those pages.
"... run their own race."? You've followed them 'til now!
Kim & Rob - that was the lamest rap ever.
(I can safely say that as I cannot imagine a circumstance under which I would rap).
'Bama's in the house!!
Way t' bust those moves ladies!
The Cho's cut a fine figure in those tuxes.

Oh NO!!! I'm happy for Lynn & Karlyn but I'm so very disappointed for Erwin & Godwin. They ran such a great race and really stayed true to themselves.

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