Friday, November 24, 2006

Interpreting the Sign

What do you think of when you read this sign?

I thought, "I guess some men could use those but it sounds more medical than horticultural." Then I thought a bit more about it and realized that they were probably referring to Christmas ornaments.

Sometimes we're lucky and sometimes we're not.
Last week a man drove his car down the street, careening off of another car, taking out signposts down a long block and ending in a crumpled heap. Apparently he suffered a medical failure (details unknown) and that and/or the accident caused his death. It was incredible that the car didn't end up in a house/store, in oncoming traffic or down the sidewalk. It's undescribably fortunate that school hadn't let out yet and that on such a beautiful day that no pedestrians were struck. My heart goes out to his family but as tragic as the incident was it doesn't strike a personal chord.
Yesterday an 82 year old man was struck and killed by a vehicle making a left-hand turn. No less tragic but I found out tonight that it was Eric's father-in-law. Eric is my massage therapist. This incident touches me personally and though I never met him, I am really saddened.
I don't think that I have a point or if you find one that it means anything. I just felt compelled to share this, thanks for listening.

I'm finishing up some bucket hats for Chicknits so that I can post them first thing tomorrow.
Except for a trip to a walk-in clinic for some 'script refills I have nothing planned for this weekend except knitting. Large doses of meditative stitch making.
The Loremistress made me fill out another quiz - tag, you're it!!

Which of Henry VIII's wives are you?

this quiz was made by Lori Fury

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