Sunday, November 5, 2006

Pyjama Day

And when I say "Pyjama Day" it's not the relaxing kinda day that you may imagine.

Kyle ate all of the eggs so there was a trip to the
grocery store first thing. Then breakfast making and then my mission to turn this fabric into pyjamas. While doing laundry. And making lunch and dinner. And drinking the fine line between just enough to still sew straight and too much where I am sewing zigs when I should have sewed zags.

There really is nothing for a 2nd pair of little hands to do in this task. I quickly found an outlet for Aman
da's willing & helpful spirit - outside!! She worked tirelessly with Kerwyn raking and piling the leaves. The yard looks great!!

I just hope that a blustery wind doesn't blow them all over before 1. Amanda has a chance to jump through them and 2. Kerwyn has a chance to bag 'em.

I sewed this set of pyjamas in overtime.
She's just lucky that she has such a winning smile that can't be denied. I will have just enough time left tonight to do more laundry and knit a bit before/while I blog The Amazing Race.

Bonne loved the 1st sweater and I'm making excellent progress on the 2nd one (hence Pyjama Day). Julie's sweater is done - I just have to go over the instructions and take a picture (Kyle could probably persuaded bribed to model it) before I send it off.

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