Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Magician of Sorts

Watch carefully as I knit. Keep your eyes on my hands but don't take your eyes off of the yarn & the needles. Watch the fabric coming off of the needles. Don't be lulled by the gentle clicking of the needles or the rhythm of the wrap. OMG!!! Did you see that? Don't worry - I didn't either.
42 rows later I bothered to count. 65.
Hmmmm ... isn't that supposed to be 66? Pro'bly just missed one; count it again as I knit the next row. No, definitely 65. ffs This fabric does not lend itself to finding a dropped stitch. Take the fabric off of the needles and pull, tug and distort the fabric, hoping that the missing stitch will make it's appearance, oh I dunno, like 2 rows down. No such luck. Yes, that is that finger poking through the hole made by the offending stitch 42 rows down. Abracadabra!!! 42 rows magically gone. Presto-chango!! Where once there was fabric now there is none.

That was Sunday night. I spent yesterday making the rows reappear. And yes, I was obsessive about counting to 66. With such renewed enthusiasm I managed to finish the back and get started on the fronts. All is adequate.

I went by Elann yesterday & looky what I saw!!! Lacy Riverine - isn't it lovely? The Super Kydd was really nice to work with.

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