Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Pssst ...

Don't tell anyone else - this is a secret just between you & me. Bonne is distracted with publishing details & deadlines so I'm going to show you a bit of the 2nd sweater that I sent off to her. The first one had real secret yarn but I think that I edited this one sufficiently to disguise it. I must say that this yarn was a real pleasure to work with & I'm proud to say that it's Canadian!! That's the teaser - you'll have to wait for the pattern release to get the specifics. Here's the Scoop that I can give you.This has distracted me waayyy too much! I dare you to try it & then just stop. I'm determined to beat Level 19. I keep telling myself that it's time well spent ... it's a contest and I'm just padding my ballot count. Barista - keep that coffee comin'!!!

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