Sunday, November 26, 2006

Watching AR with Wannietta - part IXI

No Phil, I don't think that Lyn & Karlyn can survive on their own; time will tell.
You wrote a paper in college on Morocco?
Well, the Barbies are all set then!
If Rob had been trained on an ancient standard bus
then he'd have no problem at all finding a freakin' gear in a bitty little car.
I'm all for a positive attitude but the 'Bamas are bordering on arrogance.
HAHAHA!!! "I said the flight is closed."
AW man!!!! AR is messing with my head! Everyone is all caught up.
Cool - 'Bama in the #1 spot.
Oh ho ho - a YIELD.
This should be good!!!

"What goes around comes around." Well, let's see who's got a little some'in'-some'in' comin'!!
Oh yeah, the Barbies have got to know that one of the other teams is going to yield them!
One word for Dustin & Kandace - karma.
I just can't believe that James & Tyler didn't yield the Barbies. Nice guys finish last dudes. So much for all of your talk about being in the final 3 without the Barbies. Woulda, coulda, shoulda.
Gladiatorial ride-off - cool!
Yeah - victorious in battle. You grabbed a frelling flag!
The chariot is driven right under the flag. Maybe it's just my most excellent armchair athlete status, but it doesn't seem so difficult.
Again with Rob, Kim & the sucky car.

Throwin' - sounds sexy, like in Ghost.
Maybe not with everyone watching.
Is anyone else getting annoyed with hearing the Blondes calling 'Bama "the sistahs"? I mean, I know every team has a nickname for the other teams but it just comes off sounding very disrespectful.
You hate them & you can't trust them but you didn't yield them. Whatever Rob.
OOPS - went way past it. Maybe Rob & Kim can beat them! Yes please!!!!
They got there so freakin' fast because you drove past it.

Yup, what goes around comes around. I love it baby!!

Poor Barbies.
I'm tellin' ya - the people in these countries must just about kill themselves laughing at these Americans coming over and doing all of their shit labour!
LOL - "He oughta be places where people can find him!"

I hope that 'Bama remembered their good luck charm.
Freakin' right!
AWWW man!!! Non elimination - they just won't go away!!

Next week looks great!! Same Bat Time, same Bat Channel.

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