Thursday, September 10, 2015

It's coming!!

The KW Knitters Fair is just two more sleeps away!! SQUEE!!!! One of the premier and knittingly-exclusive shows in Southern Ontario, it is not to be missed if you knit!!

I will be going with Helen. She is my Keeper and Head Nurse these days. Her status as Protector is trumped only by Petey.
I'll be at the Needle Emporium booth for a bit - who could resist?!? Check out Julie's blog for a heads up on what she'll be bringing with.
If you're going and want to meet up in the AM, text me or FB message me.

My Stitch Surfers have stalled; I've been diligently working on the Mock Cape. Body pieces are blocking.

I love the smell of wet wool!! Seriously.I'm targeting having it done for the Fair, and you know about me and deadlines.

I am still napping () most every day unless appts interfere. The puppies are still in mosey mode with me.
The pain is seriously so much better!! I still have crampy days; things are still healing/settling and any kind of abdominal effort - too much walking, sneezing, not knowing how much something weighs - can kick off spotting and pain. So I see, feel, and obey.
I just started driving, (being given the medical permission), and am being sparing with that as well since, as I drive a standard, the clutching does put some stress on my abdomen, so carefully I go.

I have booked a hair cut through Canada Cuts for Gilda's. There are various salons participating throughout the GTA, supporting Gilda's GTA & Gilda's Simcoe-Muskoka.
Get a great cut at a special price for a great cause. Help me keep the promise that no one faces cancer alone!!

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