Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Catching Up

I have had some insomnia lately; my brain trying to sort out all the flotsam and jetsam in my life at the mo. And there's just been so much not sleeping followed by napping that knitting progress rather slumped like an airless blowup doll.
yeah, not sure where *that* metaphor came from!

I ripped out to the commencement of the heel shaping on my Stitch Surfers.

There were giant holes on the heel corners as the last 2 lines of the heel shaping were a bit off to my interpretation, but Helen didn't have holes, so I wasn't going to have holes either!! I know, her glee at my misfortune is rather transparent
I'm back to where I was; full steam ahead!!

I have finally finished the Mock Cape!!! It needs a finishing blocking, but all the ends are done in.

I found the pattern a bit odd. Vague in some areas (no indication of # of dec reps, just the final stitch count to work to), but then overly detailed in others (endless stitch counts on the collar for the pick ups).

I got my hair trimmed and my fringe restored at Connect Hair Studio during the Canada Cuts fundraiser for Gilda's Club.

Thoughts of cutting it shorter flitted through my mind, but I am still loathe to do so given how long it is. Four and a half years since I finished chemo.

I stopped by the LCBO and the selection, even in Angus, of boxed wines was impressive!! My go to red, Bodacious, is now in an economical boxes format!!

What a gorgeous kick off to Autumn we had today, the Autumnal Equinox. I took full advantage.

The puppies are still adorable.

as if you doubted it

Amanda popped in yesterday. Not sure who was happier to put eyes on her - the puppies or myself!!! They went quite mad jumping around her, vying for attention.

We had fun trying to get an un-squinty one as we were facing the setting sun. Two beauties regardless!!

Healing is going well. Spotting is all but done with. I am still crampy if I walk too far/too fast, and I had some random, infrequent stabby pains yesterday. My surgeon is moving offices, so wasn't available today to check in with, but as its not happened today, my medical opinion is "normal".
All of the external stitches on the laparoscopic entry points have healed and fallen out save one. It's quite scabbed over, so I have put some covering on it to encourage softening and healing where it's not rubbing and catching on waistbands.

Ok - back to my Stitch Surfers. Yarn laying about everywhere, telling me what it all wants to be!!

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