Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Slow and Steady

This describes can my progress on the Mock Cape. I have seamed and done in ends.

I am ready to do the front edgings and collar. I am not optimistic that this is going to get done tonight. I know, it doesn't look like much.

Yesterday at the fashion show kicking off the Canada Cuts fundraiser for Gilda's I saw my oncologist, Dr Bryn Presnail, who as the head of the Regional Cancer Centre, spoke about the positive and necessary human impact that Gilda's has for those dealing with cancer, directly and those with family affected. He remembered me and was pleased to have it be so long since seeing me, and that I was doing so well.

I also had the pleasure of seeing some ladies that I'd known from Gilda's, and as they were sitting behind me, we had a lovely catch up.
L.A. was one of the hair models and when she came to sit down, she sat with her mom behind me! I was knitting of course, her mom told her a few things about me, then asked my name again. I said, "Wannietta". L.A. exclaimed, "Not Wannietta, the fastest knitter?!" I have to admit, it was a moment.

I had to take a pic - her hair is fabulous and totally matches her personality!

I am still napping every day. Solid 2-3 hour naps, with a full nights sleep to boot. I quite unaccustomed to this, but when you think about the internal damage that my body is trying to repair, it's not so unbelievable. I'm being diligent about eating well, giving my body sufficient tools to repair. So as my recovery is slow and steady, it's reflected in my knitting output. I will accept this, not rush a recovery, being happy as it comes in the fullness of time.

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