Saturday, September 26, 2015

Cream Crackered

there is a bit of an unpleasant picture at the end of the post, in case you're kinda squeamish

Between fighting off some mild bug, a small issue with one of my incision sites, sleepless nights and just trying to do things ... I'm feeling it.
I am going to be kind to myself over the next week and a half, be the best patient ever, and get permission to do all the things when I see the surgeon on the 7th!!

Yesterday was my natal day. I appreciate so much the gifts and greetings from everyone - IRL and on the interwebs. Knowing how much love my family and friends have for me was overwhelming and certainly kicked the upcoming year off to a smashing start!! I even made cupcakes and a few lucky people were close enough to share in the baked spoils.

Thank you.

Gir loves cupcakes.

Wannietta loves butter tarts. Well cupcakes too (clearly), but today was about the butter tarts.
Helen and I set off early this morning

Dumb and Dumber before coffee. Ready to take on the world after!

for the Bradford Farmers Market as there was a butter tart festival to be going on. Helen is one of those annoying early morning people; unlike another friend, she is easily counted on to get up and at whatever event is going on anywhere. Even the puppies were slow this morning. I actually had to come back to the bdrm after I'd turned on lights and music and had the bathroom to myself - I know!!! to wake them up.

you know the drill ... it's a cleverly designed lived in look They usually pop up as soon as I'm stirring and accompany me to the bathroom and clam out like children for attention.
We were a bit underwhelmed by the butter tart/festival bit, but we both went a little nuts over the produce!! $40 & 5 bags later ... I did come home with two butter tarts.

Sorry for anyone who was expecting some, but that the way the tart flakes.

I have made little progress on my socks. I'll be getting much more done the next few days. House rest!!!

The incision site that has been causing the most irritation was deeply scabbed and the stitching wasn't coming off. I put a piece of jelonet on it, then covered it, hoping it would soften the scab, promoting healing.
When I took the dressing off the next day to check on it and re-dress it, this is what I saw.

Yeah. Not. Quite. Right.
I went to see my family doctors nurse practitioner just to make sure it wasn't gauze stuck in the wound or flesh eating disease.
It's called slough flesh (the white stuff). It's dead skin that hasn't come away yet; if left to dry, it would scab black. I could pull on it but it didn't hurt, it just didn't come off.
I had done well with the jelonet; it provides a good moist environment, helping the slough flesh to slough off, allowing the pink skin to close and heal. She did put on an inadine patch just to ward off infection as it was rather a deep wound, said I'd been on the right track, and was wise to have come in to have it seen to. Always better safe than sorry!!
Still feeling a bit delicate when sitting and standing, but she said that's normal.

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