Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bulky means Bulky

Le. Grand. Sigh.

I really thought I could tighten up enough, but not too much, and á la peanut butter sandwiches - mittens!!
Best laid plans.

Wayyyyyy too big.
This will necessitate a trip to an actual yarn store as Micheals didn't have anything else finer in the colours that are required. And I'm really not fancying a trip into The City for a potentially wider selection.

But I did get things done today.

I have been collecting (with the help of a friend or two at work) those annoying packets of silica beads. They have many uses; it was my intent to use them to preserve flowers; it maintains their shape and colour better than just hanging upside down.
Yes, you can buy silica gel, but it's not inexpensive, and I was in no hurry.
Well, birthday flowers seemed like the perfect time to get to it!
I had a lot already unpackaged, but had about 1/3 of my total still to do.

An hour I spent at it. Carefully tucking the beads under, in and around the flowers.
I have this bunch of lilies buried,

as well as a yellow daisy

and a red rose.

Google searches seem to indicate about 9 days for the rose, so I'll "set it and forget it".

I'm going to go wind some yarn to cast on a yet to be determined shawl on the Denise 2 Go needles from Yarn Canada.

I'll leave you with this bit of amusement that I totally related to!!

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