Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Dr Who Scarf

I have a friend who has requested a Dr Who scarf. initially in jest, but I know he meant it He's a Whovian, and would truly love it.

This website is a treasure trove, detailing the colours, yarns, and dimensions to make as authenticate a replica as possible. Everything except meterage. I guess I'll just have to buy enough! though given the nature of the project, dye lot is not over much of a concern

The Behr colours listed are discontinued, so the chips are no longer available. Not even in the U.S. yes, I set a friend on a Mission. Thanks Cheryl!!

Plan C would be to have testers done up. Even though the sample chips are not available, the formulas are in the computer and can be made up. I may have to go this route.
The Jamieson's DK/Nature Spun Sport combo, for which all of the colours are still current but I am having some challenges sourcing the Brown Sheep Nature Spun sport in Canada. I have a few emails out to Brown Sheep retailers; I'll let you know how that goes.
Camilla Valley Farm is a stocking dealer for Jamieson's, so their stocked range of Jamieson's is complete. If I can't find the recommended Nature Spun sport colors, I'll do up my own paint chips, take a road trip and sort it myself.

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  1. I finished one last month for a Whovian. His had to be the Season 12 one worn by the fourth Dr. Who. A surprisingly relaxing knit!

  2. Anonymous6:25 AM

    I made one last winter for my daughter using Paton's Classic wool - looks great. have fun!

  3. I love garter stitch!! I'll be doing the shorter version; more functional.