Thursday, September 24, 2015

In the Purple

I love the knitting belt that Elise sent to me!! The purple is so fun and that new leather smell
... who doesn't love the scent of leather in the morning? Or afternoon. Or night.

They fit not badly. I have lovely high in steps and find that instep shaping is critical. But I'm really not proficient a sock knitter, especially at toe up (this is only my 2nd toe up sock ever!!) and in this unique pattern, to just fudge instep shaping.

I was treated to lunch at Cicco's a lovely little Italian restaurant in Minesing today. Absolutely delicious!! I had a pulled pork sandwich, and while they didn't have coleslaw for it (I have suggested it), it was practically perfect. And the fries. Hand cut, perfectly fried and generously portioned. I would definitely go back for dinner. Their Barrie location has live music every Saturday.
I had to take a picture of this positively Jurassic plant outside - it's leaves are gigantic.

I am feeling off the last day or so. The allergy meds are brilliant at handling the symptoms, but my body is still struggling with the allergens. My glands are swollen and I just feel oogy.
My abdomen isn't stabby today, but is feeling delicate. I need to be slow sitting/standing. Definitely going to call the surgeon tomorrow.

Hoping for a solid sleep tonight. I'm getting old you know.
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  1. Hope all is well and that is all just allergy related. Ok, knitting belt?? I've never heard of that or I've forgotten what it is.

    Hazel is the master!!