Saturday, September 12, 2015


I was trying so hard to get the Mock Cape done for the Knitters Fair, (just for convenience of drop off, not as a display) but alas, not quite.
I love the smell of wet wool; maybe that's a contributing factor to my passion for finishing.

I still need much sleep, and the knitting/finishing will wait; recovery needs immediate attention.

The puppies are good; they don't trample or lay on blocking pieces. They have been wonderful while I've been diligently knitting.

I love watching Chica stalk Petey.

He's completely oblivious, and she is so intent!! If laughter is the best medicine, these two are champion dispensers!

It was a good mail day yesterday. I haven't signed up for a club in a long while, but the GnomeAcres Randomini Club whispered it's sweet fibre love words to me. I am not disappointed.

The colours are a delight, and the yarn is squishy and soft. I'm not certain what I will be doing with these lovelies yet, but they enchant me and you can't rush inspiration.
I'll definitely get the next shipment, then give it some thought. For what I'm paying, I can get an full skein to make a pair of socks. The club offers variety, but roughly 1/2 the yardage.

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