Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Rough week

Inventory prep at work kicked into high gear last week and over the weekend. Of course this coincided with me period. I felt like calling in just wasn't an option, so I doped up on all the Rx and zombied my way through. Monday was a migraine - same story.
But I got through, the store was ready, but the numbers were not good. I'm sure that there will be a game plan by the time I go back on Thursday. I've had today and tomorrow off for putting in my time on the weekend.

I've been making decent progress on Romi's MKAL. I am *so* much more pleased with this colour and now that I've added in the 2nd colour - I'm just giddy!!

The thumb is good. It was warm for a few days, but nothing was infected; it's scabbed over and perfectly serviceable.

Today was a lovely day to be off work. I did errands, hung my laundry to dry, then sat outside for some all natural vitamin D.

I was sitting downwind off the clothesline - it was relaxing to just sit back to the scent of clean wash.

The SmartSilk people were at Costco today. I've been pondering a duvet for a few years now and had narrowed it down to silk or wool. I took the plunge and purchased one, spent ages finding a duvet cover at Bed, Bath and Beyond - Lord have mercy!! I was intimidated and a bit frightened by that place!! - and will give it a go.

(Yes, that's Petey's bed. He sleeps with me when Lee's not here.)
Lee is a fan of down, but he can't possibly dislike silk more than he likes my penchant for layers on the bed.

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