Monday, May 18, 2015


So, thanks to the neighbourhood chainsaw enthusiast I was up early (for a holiday). The puppies were pleased, and I didn't really mind. I don't like messing up my early rising schedule over much; it makes going back to work that much more difficult.

So after sorting out the puppies and getting a coffee made, I approached the Magic 8-Ball with humility and hope.

So I stitched some more Honeydew on my Châtelaine mandala.

Then a nap, during which Petey, like the other men and children that have shared a bed with me, managed to gain more than his share by disguising it as snuggling.

Truth be told, he's a very good companion. He generally stats in his bed, but when he doesn't, his warmth is welcome.

After the puppies and I arrived at our country retreat, I set to on Romi's Mysterious Shawl.

Still deeply enraptured by these colours!!

A lovely and productive Victoria Day. I hope you all enjoyed it as well.

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