Sunday, May 17, 2015


I don't know what to call today.

The crab apple tree in my yard is in full effect - I love it.

The fruit it bears is paltry and useless, but it blooms like a Boss!!

Amanda had her wisdom teeth out today. They've been giving her pain for some time now, but they have finally been extracted.
She was quite swollen and incoherent when I dropped her off with many liquid provisions (and prescribed drugs). We'll see how she does ... she's a tough little nut, I'm sure she'll be fine.

Magic 8-ball was quite adamant today that I work on neither my Châtelaine cross stitch or my Romi shawl.

So Secret Shawl again it was.

This afternoon was spent clearing, sweeping, washing, scrubbing and double waxing my kitchen floor. I'm waiting right now for it to dry so that I can eat. Though I considering walking to Crabby's for a burger because I'm ravenous!!

I've closed all the doors and windows and turned the volume up a bit to mask the fireworks going on. The puppies don't seem so much afraid as just worked up. Which works me up.

Hey - don't forget to click on over to the CCS and support my Relay for Life this year. If all of you have just $5, I'd be well over my goal!!

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