Saturday, May 16, 2015

Keepin' On

No matter what is happening, I keep on knitting. More or less, but always with the yarn going through my fingers.

Lee put up a small 5.1 surround system in my little living room. It's great - perfect for my cozy little setup.

I have finished one sleeve on the Moss Cardigan and just started on the 2nd one. It's been awhile since I have needed more yarn than a pattern called for! I had to text Julie and request a couple more balls of the Liberty.

But it's looking good; can't wait to block it!

The Magic 8-ball nixed both my Chatelaine cross stitch and Romi's shawl, so I'm working on a Secret Project that needs finishing.

Nothing taxing, which is just perfect.

The Magic 8-ball is an app (I'd love a real one) and if we ask the Magic 8-ball, we abide by the answer. Amanda was always torn when she was younger as to whether or not it was worth the risk. lol
Lee picked out Longfellow from the recent BT Men Vol 2. Yes, nothing fancy or complex - I seem to attract men with simple sweater tastes - but it is what he wants. After much discussion about colour, he decided to "live a little" and we're going with Embers.
I have decided that we are in more of a committed relationship than merely dating, so this will hopefully not be a Curse Sweater.
I also have a scarf to knit for him in United colours.

He has a 1960's style bar scarf that he wants it styled after - similar to this one.

Fortunately both his birthday and Christmas are both very attainable deadlines.

I received some spirit-crushing news; my surgery is more likely to be in Oct/Nov. The surgeon has not been given as much OR time as he had anticipated. Sigh. But I did agree to be put in the cancellation list, so hopefully I'll get something earlier. Until then, it's day-to-day, band-aiding the pain as best I can with the codeine.

Oh. And speaking of the Men's issue - I can reveal that I knit Véronik's Carbon!! I had forgotten exactly what project I had done, so I was especially excited to page through the issue. Véronik always blocks and finishes the piece so I never have a finished picture in my head. That and the way that Jarod's photographs always take the project to a higher level than I remember it make it a thrill to see again.

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