Saturday, May 9, 2015

'Tis the Season

Spring really is my least favourite season. The weather is so volatile and my poor head/body pays the price.
I have a crushing migraine. Took Rx at 6:30, crashed and woke up again at 11:30 feeling like I'd been drowned and rescued several times over. Not that I've ever had that happen, but I feel like this is what that would feel like.
I had such a fantastic day yesterday - energetic and productive - that this is an especial blow.
The meds generally take care of the migraine itself, but I can feel effects of the medication all over and it takes about a day to feel like I'm myself again.

But I have made progress on the CEY Liberty Moss Cardigan. I think that they may have named it after the colourway as there is no moss stitch.

Almost time for the sleeves!!

The puppies (I'll likely never stop calling them that!!) and I enjoyed the lovely weather on Thursday in my cute front stoop.

I bought a small planter at Costco - I just love gerberas. They are such a simple flower, but like a garter or stockinette stitch, the simplicity is what makes them so beautiful.
And there is just no me without music! The knitting was easy under these circumstances.

Okay ... more nap now, the better to knit later.

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