Sunday, May 24, 2015

Whatta Weekend

My sweet girl needs your prayers and/or most positive thoughts/vibes/karma. She has gone down a more challenging and trialsome path than most anyone would intentionally choose. She is struggling and needs all the help she can get and then some.
It is said that God takes care of children and fools - I pray that this is true and thus she is the best hands possible.

My mind has been on her and while I have been desperate for distraction, my heart was not fully on baseball and I had poor games on both Friday night and this afternoon. Fortunately the teams pulled through with a win and a tie respectively.

I made some visible progress on my Châtelaine mandala.

It was restful stitching. Almost ready to start the specialty stitch flowers!

I have also managed to get near to finishing Romi's Mysterious Shawl, especially while doing an epic laundry this morning.

I have had my Under Armor slides for going on 5 years; they owed nothing.

Sportchek had a sale on sandals, so I went in to see what was on offer. The young man who offered assistance suggested that Nike and UA might not be incl in the sale. "Seriously??? Given that 2/3 of your sandals are Nike & UA, what kind of sale is this?" Needless to say, my 2nd pair was indeed 50% off. Then I had to have them refund the difference of $34.99 to $29.99 on my Fitbit Flex bracelets. It was my day, monetarily anyway.

Lee made burgers and I've been having some lovely drinks. Tomorrow morning may be a struggle.

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