Sunday, May 31, 2015


It's been the two peak pain days of the month. Friday night, Saturday and Saturday night have been a exhausting. Between the pain and the codein ... I'm grateful that I really had nothing on and my mgr was cool with me switching Saturday for Monday. Not that I'd've been able to work if she hadn't, but still.

I have gotten a lot of swatching done but then the swatches all ended up back in wound balls.
Nothing came of it, but it was restful and gave my hands something to occupy what little my mind could focus on. After that I considered some socks but couldn't arrive at a decision so I knit on Elise's linen shawl. It's hard to see progress as it's just more fabric, but my mind is at peace.

While at peace (or high on codeine ... not sure which) I realized that when my phone is on I'm thinking about Facebook and Instagram and the people that I text and message and every little thing that pops into my head I want to Google. It is challenging to be truly peaceful within myself when I'm so occupied and conflicted.

It was a very freeing moment when I put consciously put my phone into airplane mode and in silencing the rest of the world, I was really giving myself the loudest voice. I have turned my phone off before, but I didn't really think through why, beyond the obvious.
It is so much easier to focus on what I want and what will please me when I'm not even subconsciously considering everyone else in my contact list!  It is liberating to deal only with my concerns, if only for a few hours, without checking in on social media.

Ahhhh ...

I touched up my nail polish and changed the accent nail from orange to pink; much better!
Bedtime soon; need to be ready for work early, and it's going to be a long day.

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