Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Starting Again

I took a few pics of the Wollmeise yarn outside,

but still not quite capturing the depths, richness, and subtleties of the colours that make it inimitably Wollmeise.

I have finished Clue 1. Again.

I am already so much more pleased with this version!!

The following contains graphic images and is not for the faint of heart.

So I was zoning (straightening) yarn at work today and I jammed my thumbnail into a shelf. Any of my other 9 finger nails and the acrylic would've snapped under the stress and that would've been that.
But this was my single un-reinforced nail. The thumbnail that is only on by 1/2 the nail bed because of the staph infection a few years back.
So this happened.

Fortunately I was on about 130mg of codeine (for my tummy pains) and while it hurt, and I felt a bit nauseous, it was not the agony it might have been.
Then to the clinic, (handy having one at work), where this

and this

followed. Again, not nearly the torture that having fingernails pulled off is portrayed in the movies thanks to the Rx.

The naked nail bed is quite delicate and it's going to be a challenge adapting to having no thumbnail, again, but not bad, all in all.

Inventory prep is a crazed challenge at work, but I've never backed down from a challenge yet. And all will be ready for Tuesday because it must be. Simple as that.

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