Thursday, May 28, 2015


This week has been a blur of pain work and migraine.

The APSGO meeting was good and I'll be continuing with it. Anyone who has reached out to a support group knows that it is sometimes easier to talk to other with similar experiences than those whom we love and/or who love us.

I had my winter tires taken off (the back two were nearly slicks!) and replaced with all season Matrix tires. I've not been able to find out much online about them; anyone had experience with them?
Now I have a few months to find 2 winter P195/60R15 tires and 4 15" rims. Any leads would be appreciated.
While this was happening I put the waiting time to good use and finished Romi's Mysterious Shawl!!

I love it and it just needs a solid blocking.

Afterwards I spent some time at the courthouse as a moral supporter, and swatched A Hundred Ravens. Totally found the Sweet Spot!! I'd forgotten how much pleasure I get from deconstructing a yarn like this.

I hope that they'll be at the Knitters Fair again so I can get more yarn. Though I will order online if not.

I am so close to starting the next chart on my Châtelaine Mandala.

I find cross stitch so restful in a different way than knitting.

The puppies have been with me for a year - can you believe it??

They have grown so much and not the least amount in my heart.

Lee had given me a gift certificate for for Valentines Day and after waiting for Broadchurch series 2 to be released, I put in an order. They're here!!

SQUEE!! Tomorrow I'll be purchasing an inexpensive DVD player in the hopes it will play or have a hack to play 15 discs.

The Loft for Lee's Longfellow. Mmmmm - can't wait to start!!

Yesterday I tried pushing and working through a migraine. Not such a great strategy.
I had felt more human after I got home, took the Rx and had some sleep, but it was still not quite fine this morning and I was feeling quite off. Dizzyish and just wrong. And I laid off the T3's while I was taking the Zomig, so it's not that. I'm feeling better now, but my uterus is kicking off hard again, but at least that's a more manageable pain. Lol.

Ok. Early night, make sure I'm fit for duties tomorrow.

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