Tuesday, June 2, 2015


I don't normally come down with this. I generally have a major deadlined project, a loosely deadlined project, and a personal project or two in the go. And about twenty or so in the offing.

Julie's yarn arrived, or more specifically, I received a postal notice about the arrival of the yarn, but it's been "that time of the month" this past weekend.
I barely made it through Friday. Actually, I made to the last 1/2 hour, took a "big codein" and then took a wee rest in my car before driving home because driving with the codein kicked in was a lesser evil than driving in the pain I was in. and thanks to Karen and another Karen for checking on me or else I might not have woken up until I in desperate pain again. Saturday was all about keeping track of when I had taken/should take the variety of Rx. Sunday was not much better. I had to call in Monday - bad morning and I had to come down from all that codein!! - and then I suffered from an unprecedented case of startitis. So I wound yarn and did this

(Peter is always helping!!) and cast on and took this

to Group. Even though I was working on Elise's shawl after I woke up at noon.

I know. But he/she who is without sin ...

I will pick up the yarn to finish the CEY Moss cardigan before work tomorrow, that will be my mission thereafter. But until then I have lovelies to fondle.

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