Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Winging it

Kyle was invited out with friends after school and Kerwyn wasn't home so Amanda & I decided to head to CW Coops for 2-4-1 wing night. The table that we were seated at had this flag hanging beside it. It wasn't anywhere else, so we (and when I say "we" I mean the classic Royal We that means me) decided that "It" was knitting. Not being one to ignore a directive I pulled out my knitting while we waited for the wings to arrive. Very good wings & enough left over for Amanda to have some for lunch.

I'm getting really excited about the show - not just the knitting competi
tion either. I'm taking several jewellery classes so I'll have some lovely new bit & baubles to wear and a cross stitching class with Jennifer Aikman-Smith. There are a few knitting books that I want to pick up and some beads for my Butterfly.

I made time today to get my nails done.
I get them a bit on the short side so that by the time I go for a fill in 3-4 weeks they aren't uselessly long. I have convinced myself (didn't take much persuasion, believe me) that my fingers are now much more aerodynamic. If nothing else I will look good while I'm knitting!

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