Sunday, October 15, 2006

Watching AR with Wannietta - part V

It's funny how when the going gets hard and you really get to know someone your feelings can change.
Pull out all of your cards. Hmmmm Ace of White Smile? Jack of Show a Little Leg? Queen of Helpless White Women?
Well, maybe not totally blonde if they're not trusting Peter.
You GO Alabama moms!!! You don't need charity help.
Don't act like it's a challenge to get into Peter's head. It's like taking candy from a baby.
Mary has a nice way with people - her sincerity comes oozing through that accent. I love her!!
Damn!!! I do NOT want Rob to win. **jinx**
OMG - stupid travel agents. How do they not understand "fastest"? I mean, I know that there's a language thing going on but still ...
**Jinx - slow taxi**

If looks could kill. If there's a way to change those tickets, Mary will find it!!

Oh cool - this could make it very
, very interesting!
I'm really starting to dislike Peter intensely.
Oh goody - Lyn & Karlyn are going!
Well, you never know. That's the twisted beauty of AR - Dave & Mary can still catch up.

I think that they have suppressed their inner bitch for so long that it has no choice but to start coming out now.
Yeah, another AR bummer. The Grand Equalizer.
Poor Rob & Kimberly.
Wild rice. Don't even describe the tasks Phil. Wild Rice.
Another bummer. Bummer.
ffs - she knows how to wrap a freak
in' elastic!!
Yeah Sarah. I mean, you know that there is no way that that elastic will break. And there is no way that the rope could come undone. What's to be scared of?
If he says "C'mon Sarah" one more time ...
Arrogant asshole. There is just no other way to describe his behaviour.
Yeah, it's fun when you're in 1st and you're running ahead of the girl with the blown-out artificial limb. Good times for all then.

Oh Boo. I'm not feeling the sincerity there.
Yeah. Homeless cows.

In case you weren't aware, in India 30 minutes is forever, dude.
Men have a hard time with the subtlety of colours, like yellow & beige.
You're the driving force Peter - you do it.
And Sarah can yell "C'mon Peter!"
It's colouring for crying out loud!
I would totally kick ass at that driving challenge.

Please let this be a non-elimination round. I don't want Dave holding the rice thing over Mary's head for forever.
AND they get to keep their stuff & money. They can overcome that - as long as they're 30 minutes ahead of the last team. Tom & Terry withstood a 30 minute penalty, Dave & Mary can do it too.

That was fantastic! Same time next week? I'll be here.

Oh - the shoe doesn't fit quite so well when it's on the other foot!! What goes around comes around Beauty Queens.

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