Wednesday, October 11, 2006

On again Off again

Let's start with the On part. Saturday I attacked the back corner flowerbed. (And when I say "attacked" I mean "went at with passion & a shovel and very little mercy".) Before a scary jungle. Hours later and with Amanda and a little girl that wandered over from next door (I Tom Sawyered her a little and had another helper) packing the detirtus into bags for taking to the dump (they compost) the flowerbed is now ready for flowers. I think that I will move that pine tree out and move it along the fence line (the better not to see the neighbours through). Not visible in the "after" picture is my pain. All up my arms, around my shoulders, both ass cheeks and through my thighs. Perennials are pernicious. Finding the ends of those deep & spreading roots so that they won't come back (and I know that they will but I have made it more challenging a task than it otherwise may have been) took strength that I didn't know that I had. But it was worth it!!

Then I finished Elise's cardigan and took it down to her on Monday. She loved it (phew) and gave me some more yarn to work into a new and - not to be a tease or anything - very interesting vest.

I started a new project for Bonne from Chicknits. Yes,
I'm name dropping. Here is what I have accomplished so far. Due to local blackout restrictions photos of this project cannot be broadcast. Please stayed tuned for alternate programming.

So, all very good "On" things. Now for the "Off".
The following paragraph contains language that may not be appropriate for all readers. Reader discretion is advised.
This looks very innocent.
They are microbeads from a very excellent pillow. Yes Ada, that pillow. Anyway, it needed washing and I read the label. No really, I did. Hey, I've got kids; I don't need to lie to you. "... Warm water ... air dry ..." Somehow I managed to miss the wash by hand part. Especially since my stupid old machine seems to like eating (and when I say "eat" I mean "chew up and spit out") anything large-ish. So, imagine 167 fucktillion of these microbeads all over the top and inside of the washing machine. And they're light - they float so they didn't just wash out of the machine. I have vacummed - yes, vacummed - out the washing machine after each load and I've done about 20 loads trying to get them gone. On top of that I have to put everything in the dryer to try to get the beads out of the clothes. FUCK!! Fuckety-fuck fuck fuck. AND I have to go buy myself a new pillow. It's a great pillow. I will love it and take hand care of it in the future.
So I'm up to bat for more "On" agains - I'm looking forward to that!!!

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