Sunday, October 8, 2006

Watching AR with Wannietta - part IV

"Dong" jokes - boys will be boys.
I'd sure like to see how the teams spelled the names of those places.
Asking Rob to not freak out is like asking the sun not to rise in the east. Even in Vietnam you're not allowed to just run over slower motorists. Dude.

Of all the cabbies - must be karma that Rob is getting the crooked ones.

Beauty Queens & Models found it first. This just proves that things do come a little easier to the beautiful people.
Sarah looks so cool running on that artificial leg! And I'm totally loving her "can do" attitude.

"It's tight on my crotch". LMAO Yup, that's how a safety harness fits.
One of the amazing things in all of the Amazing Races is that the competitors coming in who work out, compete and seem athletically inclinced whine the most during the intense roadblocks and detours.

Do you hate seeing Peter laying back, sucking back a soda shouting out lame encouragements while Sarah does the hard work?
If you don't know how to row a boat yet you're going to learn real fast today.

I know you don't want David to boss you Mary, but maybe taking a load off of your ankle would help.
What a bunch of land lubbers!!!

Oh, when it's your turn to do something you don't want encouragement. Poor Peter.

Yeah Rob - we can all see how well you know how to row. Shut up!
You too Peter - Shut Up!!
Geez Peter; do you think that maybe you'd like to help the lady out first?
Uh huh - dragging the heavy metal anchor along the sea bed will certainly slow you down. LMAO
Oh God Mary you've made it this far. You're not going to die getting from the row boat onto the junk.
Good looking but don't follow directions well - take the junk to the pit stop.

LOL - nice try yelling for the junk to come get you. And that is seriously sad that pulling the boat is faster than rowing it.
I wonder if Phil practices his "You're team #" rountines in front of a mirror. He's a good faker.
Tom & Terry are the best losers that I've seen yet. You 2 rocked it!

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