Sunday, October 22, 2006

Watching AR with Wannietta - part VI

Again/still with the "C'mon Sarah." This is going to be a long hour.
Model Boys sneaked outta there - did it way what time they land in Kuwait?
Ah ... same time.
The BQ's sucked up to the pilot - not surprised.
Yeah, it's annoying when someone goes faster-than-blonde.
Scared of heights; that sounds like it won't help much.
Astonishing heights or fierce flames. What's my 3rd option Phil?
Again with Sarah doing the climbing.

Not very challenging to mess with BQ's heads, but it was a really nice thing to do and what goes around comes around. Good luck E&G!!

Sarah is a tough cookie and the other teams are starting to see her strengths ans Peter's weaknesses.
Jigsaw puzzle - I'd rock at that. If I survived the climb.
You can go this Erwin; be one with the tower.
Well if the puzzle isn't going together and you're the only one working on it then I would concur - there's something that you're not doing right.
You GO Mary - I'd love to see her in an action flick. Awesome - they didn't let the boys' sacrifice go to waste.
LMAO - a puzzle clue that is more of a puzzle than a clue.

Mask ... mosque ... whatever
Blonde charm works on men all 'round the world.
Sistahs? Big pigs? You don't want to go there!!
What a wonderful bonus for David & Mary - a real vacation after travelling the world.
Blonde BQ's without a clue ... no comment.

C'mon 'Bama moms!!!

Kim should stop trying to say any words that are remotely challenging.
In Kuwait. Who'da thunk it?
"I don't think that we need it full." I'd say that the problem with that statement is that you're not thinking.
Yeah Rob - I'm sure that you should do what the BQ's are doing. I'm sure that they filled camel feed bags before.
I guess that camel racing isn't as big of an event as you might think.
I guess if expecting the job to be done right is picky, then they're being picky.
Well, manual labour sucks. In every country.
Okay, so did you not hear Sarah say "I don't think that we're totally out of it?" You must be one of those men who needs to hear himself say something for it to be true.

You're not going out bros! And you're not going out in style.
Of course it's Sarah's fault. I mean, she does all of the hard tasks, she has to know where to go and she has to hurry up. You were driving and at any point could have checked the frelling map for yourself. For Crying Out Loud!!!
Well this one's on you Peter. You asked for the directions and accepted the offer of a personal guide.
It's kinda dark. Yeah, maybe it's not an elimination round. I mean, AR always has 2 non-elimination rounds in a row.

Good for you Sarah - tell it like it is!! You're stronger without his kind of encouragement and help.

Those 2 little girls do not want to square off against 2 strong black women.
I don't know as how I would call a car accident in a foreign country "a bit of a scare". That's like saying that Hurricane Katrina was "a bit of weather".

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