Sunday, October 1, 2006

Watching AR with Wannietta - part III

Hanoi Hilton - is that like the Milton Hilton?
Maybe they should all wear signs just so that you can tell whether or not they're gay Duke.
Erwin & Godwin remind me a lot of the hippies. I sense their sincerity - I hope that they aren't conning me. Yes, I would take it personally.
Coalminer & wife - am I the only person who thinks that she should have some sort of appellation of her own? I mean, there is nothing wrong with being a wife, I love it
Tough luck having a local tour guide who takes you on an out-of-the-way tour.
Whew - I need a drink. Y'all okay? A refill - my pleasure!
Well, considering that she took you way out of the way - did that girl pay for any part of the ride? wtf?
Okay, not quite like the Milton Hilton. Okay, not at all.
Grabby meanies!!!

Tom & Terry and Erwin & Godwin demonstrated a lot of respect. They have mine in return.

Yelling "NO!" at the customers does not endear them to your cause Tom.
Cute white boy with the flashy smile - little old ladies everywhere love him!
2 blonde beauty queens selling most anything most anywhere will sell more of it than most anybody else. Life's just not fair all around the world.
No Duke, I don't think that you get to keep the extra money. But if you're just going to walk away with it ...
Oh, yeah - just like Frogger dude. Except the little froggie has more lives.
That looks disgusting and I'm sure that wet coal is a bitch to get out from under your nails. Kerwyn & I could build a bird cage - no problem!!
You'd think that a couple of smart guys like Erwin & Godwin would understand a simple concept like ... HEIGHT!!! I mean, it's not like just 1 or 2 of their bricks were short; all of them?
"Ha ha. Look at the crazy white people making our fuel!!"
The other teams ditched you? Awwwww - and to think that they didn't call this The Amazing Help the Other Teams Around the World so that You Lose Race.
Better to be lucky than good Duke.
Dude - they are so taken by the fact that you are making their coal bricks that they honestly don't care where you flew in from.

It wasn't a decision - you fluked into the bird cage!
Gotta read the fine print boys -
30 mins ... you might be alright. Some of those teams seem to be a brick short of a brick-making load.

oopsie - someone forgot something!!!
Sure, but at least it's a clean pain in the ass.
Yes Phil - waiting for 30 minutes while other teams that you beat are coming in ahead of you SUCKS!!!
#8 - by the skin of your teeth guys!
You called it Lauren. Duke, next time get your own cab.

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