Sunday, October 29, 2006

Watching AR with Wannietta - part VII

Alliances can only last so long but you can still be nice and lend a hand when the opportunity arises.
Cuts are cuts!
Just because you smile and toss your hair when you do it doesn't make it right.
"all up in my grill"? "trippin' "? You young folk better come with with more than that if you want to shake a Mom. I'm sure that she's been there & done that before & better!!

Alright!! Moms in 1st!!
Would you like Kim to change your shorts for you too?

What goes around comes around boys. Karma will bite you in the ass every time!!
That's right Dave, it's not supposed to be fun. It's supposed to be Amazing.
Or maybe the Cho brothers are just nice. Mean people think that other people think like they do.

Models and maps don't mix.
It's a poor workman who blames his tools. Kim - don't think about it! Get in the drivers' seat and take off!!

Pride goeth before the crash. Literally.
Okay Rob, it won't work but you won't let Kim try.
Look at the size of those cars Kim - do you really think that any other team stopping would really be useful?
Models - choose Salt.
Really - do you think that he would admit to being a bad sailor?

It won't pickle you fingers but you will find ever cut and open sore.
Can you imagine the scene if Rob & Kimberly were to both freak out at the same time!!!
Switching always takes extra time.
Models & maps ...
Way to stay positive there Mary.

Easy to put on the happy face when you're in the lead. You 2 aren't all sugar & spice when the goin' isn't so good.
They'll get theirs.
I believe that.
You 2 boys have been very honourable - I like the cut of your jib. No one would blame you for winning in a foot race.
Dave & Mary made it way further than I would have thought. Good on 'em!!
OMG - another life!!
These 2 must be part feline.

Fate is too cruel - can they work with them and sabotage them at the same time?!

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