Thursday, October 12, 2006

I'm Getting Blasts

The first is a Blast from the Past. High school has been awhile and I've totally lost track of anyone that I went to school with - well except for Daphne, but she's family. So it was totally cool when Andrew emailed me out of the blue!! He was easily my best friend while I was at J.D.S.S.(I spent some time at a high school in Port Elgin, but the name escapes me). Way smart, wicked sense of humour and as atheletically inclined as myself. Just seeing his name in my inbox gave me this moronic grin and as I started reading I could hear his voice like it was yesterday. He's married (high school sweetheart) and has beautiful kids and works in IT. I hope that we'll be able to get together for lunch eventually and catch up in person. Nah - nothing like that! It's just a nostalgia thing.

Then there is a much more tangible Blast - the first Blast of Winter!! It started at about 2:30 PM on my way to my first school. The winter was blowing so f
erociously across Cty Rd 10 that I had to really fight to keep the van in my lane. I could see what looked like fog about a kilometer ahead but knowing the forecast I knew that that was highly unlikely. As I got closer I saw the above. Freakin' sick for October 12th.
Then tonight - lik
e just 10 minutes ago - I took these pictures!! It's sticking!! We haven't finished raking the leaves & we're going to have to shovel snow!!! (And when I say "we" I mean the Patronizing Royal "We" indicating Kerwyn & the children)
I know that it will melt tomorrow, but it's still a psych-out having it out there tonight.

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