Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Not just a One Hit Wonder

Okay, enough keeping you in suspence - on with the story!

So Friday I took an Illustrative Blackwork class with Jennifer Aikman-Smith. She was so enthusiastic and passionate about cross stitch - it was infectious!! I sat beside Andrea - very nice girl and a speed stitcher. Here is my fairy, here is Andrea's. By the end of the class here is how we finished. That's okay. For me x-stitch is about how artistic it makes me feel and I don't mind being a bit slow methodical.

I spent the rest of the day in the market and trying to beat my own best time. Just
couldn't do it.
I went out to dinner with my best friend and most ardent supporter Ada. We had a blast!!

Saturday I woke up feeling like I was getting a cold that's been going 'round up here. I have been telling the children not to breathe on me & I've been taking vitamin C every day trying to ward this off. So with a "mind over matter" attitude and orange juice instead of coffee to start the day I set off to knit fast faster.
Linda didn't have a booth at the show this year but I heard from a few people who came by that she would be coming on Sunday so I really wanted to lay down my best time. As for most knitters my purl row is my slower side so I try to make up time on the knit side, but I have to really stick my purls to have a better result. (We knit 60 sts in stockinette stitch)
I was feeling the groove and managed to match my Thursday score of 240 sts. I don't watch the clock but I glance up at the end of my 1st purl row to see my split time - I need to finish at least with 1:30 left on the clock.
So I'm feeling good, confident even. Deep breath. Start the mp3 player. Thursday I knit to Rock the Party by Bob Sinclair, today I'm groovin' to King of the Dancehall by Beenie Man. Pat says "go" and I'm off. I look up and I've got 1:36 left!! OMG ... easy ... don't lose the edge. Deep breaths, get ahead on those knits. Get ready for the turn - you want it smooth. Alright, be one with the needles ... flow through the purls. Getting to
the end ... 9 seconds!!! Don't think ahead ... just one more turn ... keep it smooth ... stay calm. 5 more stitches.
245 stitches in 3 minutes
Stephanie (fastest crocheter) was watching me and she said that she could tell that I was nailing the purls. What a freakin' rush man!!!

Linda didn't end up coming on Sunday which was kind of anticlimactic as I was set for a battle, but I was really my own best competition (which is also how I can spend an entire dayand my 245 stitches held for the win.
So I'm not just a one hit wonder and I'm still improving - it was a great weekend!!!

Shouts out to Rochelle, Christina, Lesley & Sue, Lorraine (you GO girl!!!), Joan (join the CKDA already!!!), Denise, Karen, Allison & Karen's mom, Fiona, Elise and everyone else who stopped and offered their encouragement. And congratulations to Drea who won the daily prize for fastest crocheter on Sunday!
You took it down to the wire girl but you did it - don't tell me that you can't crochet with the clock on anymore.

I did a couple of other jewellery classes on Sunday - I'll post those pictures tomorrow (or the next day).

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