Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Mr Postman Bring Me A ...

Nothing that comes Air Mail can be bad. I've been indulgent very naughty lately - but it felt soooooo good - and it's starting to roll in. For me, buying online is great. I get the nice little rush that shopping always gives me (I even like grocery shopping - I know but I'm a harmless weird), then the high continues every time I think about the "whatever" coming and it all comes to a climax when "it" arrives.

Rowan has an awesome online sale on their Debbie Abrahams kits. There are only a couple of choices left - Rowanettes swooped in and scooped up these kits seriously fast. The boxes took the brunt of the abuse, but the yarn is none the worse for it. This is the first shipment - I'm still waiting for 8 more boxes!!! OMG - this
much anticipation could be medically unwise, but I'm willing to push the envelope here. This is the Denim cushion kit - I'm not going to take pictures of all of them - unless you really want me to. No, they are not all for me, some of them are ear-marked as gifts. The kit will be the gift not the finished cushion/bag.

What will tomorrow bring? I don't know and that's a large part of the fun!

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